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Life's highs and lows

In life, our affective state can influence our reality and therefore the quality of our experiences. Sometimes these emotions can make us feel we are on top of the mountains and other times like hitting the ground. If we imagine our emotional state like an ECG graph, the maximum and minimum points (peak and trough) of the graph can be likened to the highs and lows of our feelings, and as most of the points of a graph fall in between the peaks and troughs, our experiences also mainly fall somewhere between extremely joyful and tremendously unpleasant. That means normally, it is unlikely to be in a euphoric state or an extremely dissatisfying condition for too long as the energy tends to shift. However, most people usually share and showcase their joyful experiences while concealing their difficulties, which can make others feel like they are missing in life if what they are experiencing doesn't feel like 'continuous' satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to drop the expectation that we must live an extraordinary life at all times. Polarity can is at the core of everything and our emotions and experiences are no exception. What we can do is to live every situation as best as we can and let go of what we can not change or control.

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