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What is Happiness?

When I think about this modern era we live in, I sometimes feel the last thing many people focus on is taking care of their wellbeing. Hysterical use of social media and fast-paced society leave almost no room for treating self and this can be seen in all social classes. Craving for money and fame has become obsession for many and narcissism, egotism and the need for constant approval have become serious challenges. Moreover, although technology has made life much easier compared to old days, it seems like our level of happiness is descending. Now we may ask ourselves this question: how can we achieve and maintain true happiness?

First lets imagine that happiness means life satisfaction and contentment, as the lay definition of happiness varies across cultures and individuals. Many of us think that to in order to experience happiness, we are required to do certain things or be in certain places, or have a perfect lifestyle or even sometimes think that we are not worthy of it for whatever reason! However, the reality is that happiness can be experienced here and now regardless of circumstances and living conditions. Therefore the first step to experiencing true contentment is to realise the fact that our perception of the moment can affect our level of happiness, as all that matters is the present moment.

The second important factor is to stop searching for happiness because it is more accessible to us than we think as it is a state of mind. Pleasure and contentment are two entirely different things, one is short-lived and the other one is more permanent.

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