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Breathing keeps you alive

Everyone knows the importance of breathing but rarely one thinks about correcting their breathing habits. There are simple breathing practices online that teach you how to breathe correctly. Some breathing techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing can help you relax your mind and muscles. If you are interested in practicing some advanced breathing techniques, Zen breathing would be a great start. It is all about your breathing, posture, and state of mind. To break it down, I have briefly explained each part. Posture: sitting crossed-legged, pelvis a bit tilted forward, backbone well erected, chin pulled back and neck stretched out. Breathing: its goal is to establish a slow and strong natural rhythm, based on a soft long and deep breathing out; inhale happens naturally after a deep exhale. Mental state: let the thoughts pass like clouds passing in the wind, do not stop them. While you are focusing on your breathing and posture, you get into a state of mind beyond thinking (unconscious), which puts your cortical sites into rest like when in deep sleep (alpha and thêta). It must be noted that Zen breathing is not an easy practice, however if performed correctly, it can result in wellbeing and serenity. If you are not sure how to do it, you can ask an expert who has mastered the practice.

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